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                                              Val's tips fordog bow / topknot placement

Method 1
Make a topknot wrapping a latex band around the topknot 3-4 times.
Place the bands from the dog bow over ther topknot without wrapping.
Then place another plain latex band over that to hold the bow in place wrapping 3-4 times. This is an easy method but I recommend method 2 for the best placement.

Method 1

Method 2 (My favorite)
Part off a small section of hair in the front of the top of the dogs head. Make a topknot wrapping a latex band around it 3-4 times. Place the bands from the bow over the topknot. Then take a second portion of hair and pull it into the first topknot. wrap a band around all the hair from the bow back including the hair from the first topknot.The third photo shows you that the bow would go where the blue latex band is located. You can also use this method to hold a barrette dog bow more securely by placing the barrette from the bow where the blue latex band would be. This will keep the barrette from sliding around or going crooked in the hair. This is my favorite method because it holds the dog bow in place without sliding around or going crooked. It also saves the bands on your bow because your not twisting it onto the topknot.

Method 2

Method 3
Make a topknot on top of the head of a yorkie, shih-tzu, lhasa apso, maltese ect, wrapping a latex band 3-4 times.
Place the barrette from the back of the bow into the hair that is pulled into the topknot.. the part that is laying tight and flat on the dogs head. If you place the barrette on the topside of the band, it will slip out of the dogs hair. I have used a plain barrette so you can see better where it would go in the hair.  The third photo shows how you can make pigtails on a shih-tzu or lhasa apso. You can place dog bows with bands over the pigtails by wrapping 3-4 times or you can place dog bows with barrettes in front of the pigtails in the hair that is pulled into the pigatail, just like in the example making a topknot with a bow made with a barrette backing.

Method 3


If your puppy's hair is not long enough to make a topknot and your thinking about a barrette, please choose the tiny alligator clip for your bows.

You can choose bands as you add your bows to the cart then buy the alligator clips seperately and I will sew them on for you. Copy and paste the link below to your browser to find where to buy them.

The alligator clips with teeth are also great for poodle and cocker spaniel ears. They have the tightest grip that is available in a metal barrette. 

When placing these barrettes be careful not to pinch the skin.

Please see my Puppy Bow Training page for more info on the tiny alligatore clips


Click Here to see a picture of the alligator clips




This is a good method for using bows with bands but if you want your bows to last without having to sew new bands on them, barrettes are worth the investment.


Videos to help with techniques for bow tool, making topknots



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